Fever & General

Fever is a rise of body temperature above normal i.e. 98.6F (37C). Fever itself is not a disease, but a manifestation of some internal problem in other words Fever is an external manifestation of internal ailment. The rise in temperature indicates that the infection is increasing in the body while the lowering of temperature indicates the decrease in infection.

Homeopathy not only lowers the temperature by giving pills but also targets the infection.Just lowering the temperature does not treat the disease. Fever can occur due to a simple infection to a chronic ailment. It could be due to decreased immunity, seasonal changes, exertion, infection and exposure to abnormal climatic conditions.Fever is just a symptom. Homeopathic medicines are based on the individualism of the cause,external manifestation and modalities.Having worked in Delhi and Dehradun, what I have observed is that medicines also vary according to the climatic conditions of the place. These days fever can be manifested along with other diseases like viral,typhoid,dengue,malaria,swine flu,chicken guinea etc. Most commonly recommended medicines for fever are:-
Rhus Tox